Introduction to the SALE Project

SALE makes a difference.

The SALE project is funded by the European Commission through the programme Erasmus+ and focuses on developing social media training to combat unemployment among higher education graduates.

More and more young people in Europe are deciding to study at university, leading to the development of a knowledge-based society in the EU. However, the financial crisis made it more difficult for graduates to find jobs, this leads to the fact that the unemployment rate among the group of higher education graduates has never been higher. Contrary to popular belief a high percentage of job vacancies are provided by European companies, but there is often a mismatch between the skills possessed by the applicants and the job requirements. In the era of social media most job vacancies are posted online and Human Resource managers are proactively searching through these channels to find ideal employees. Now it is up to these young graduates to present themselves and their skills in an appealing way online to gain the attention of employers.

Therefore, SALE aims at developing an interactive training course for unemployed higher education graduates. Participants will learn which are the most relevant tools to use in order to find a job online and how their individual skills need to be presented to be attractive for possible employers and HR Managers.

Main Aims of the SALE Project

The main aims within the SALE project are the following:

  • Developing an interactive social media training course for unemployed higher education graduates in order to promote their skills on online platforms in an appealing way
  • Matching vacant job positions with the right higher education graduates
  • Decreasing the current number of unemployed higher education graduates in all participating countries