5 Key Outputs of the SALE Project

Within the SALE project there are five key outputs:


  1. Training Needs and GAP Analysis
  2. Training Curriculum
  3. SALE Interactive Training Development for Unemployed Higher Education Graduates
  4. SALE Piloting Test
  5. Business and Sustainability Plan including a long-term Marketing Concept

The SALE Training Program

  1. Introduction Module
    Within the first module general objectives and goals of SALE are presented and students´ expectations discussed.


  1. Understanding business environment and needs
    In the third module trainees should get a better understanding of what companies are looking for and how to match these expectations. Through presentations from recruiters and desk research trainees get more transparency and get to know about DO´s and DON’T´s in the presentation of their profile.


  1. To know and present oneself
    A self-assessment test will help trainees to recognize their skills in order to know on which competences each participant should concentrate when writing a CV. Subsequently this module also deals with the content, structure and appearance of a CV. This module is going to happen offline.
  2. Analyze social media characteristics and match with personal aims
    This module includes a general introduction into social media and its usage within the application process. Thereby hard facts and best practice examples are presented and discussed in order to understand which content is appropriate or not.
  3. Using ICT / social media
    During nine hours trainees will have the chance to create their own brand online. A mix of group works, practical exercises and assignments support trainees to develop their personal strategy and roadmap to be able to present themselves as unique and professional through different social media platforms.
  4. Networking
    For unemployed people networking is essential – be it off- or online. In this part of the training program creating and maintaining networks will be taught.


  1. Searching for jobs on social media
    As a final lesson learned the SALE training program will work with the most important social media platforms for job seekers and focus on how to find the job, which matches with the trainees profiles.
  2. Conclusion session
    During 3 hours the trainees are invited to give feedback on the colleges professional social media profiles and the best ones will be selected before evaluating the entire program as official end of the piloting phase.