ONSOCIAL project

The objective of the ONSOCIAL project (Knowledge management for software project management using ontologies and social networks) is to propose and establish methods for utilizing social capital available in today’s’ social networks into the software project management process.

InterMobil project

InterMobil project is in compliance with the priority of the Action: “increasing labour market relevance of learning provision and qualifications and reinforcing links between education, training or the youth fields with the world of work” as it stipulates the bridging of the intercultural gaps between trainees and hosting SMEs. Open and flexible labor markets on the other hand foster growth, development and integration in Europe and consequently increase  welfare.




The project’s aim is to develop the entrepreneurship skills and competences of unemployed young people from seven European countries (Austria, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom), who have an interest in creating their own social business and have an affinity for IT – one of the most important business sectors from EU.



Web2job Project

The aim of the project is to support the KA3 priority ‘reinforcing digital competence and bridging the worlds of education and work’. This will be achieved by developing an innovative ‘Train the Trainer’ programme for VET Providers and Adult Educators that will enable them to deliver more effective employability support for mature adults seeking re-entry to the labour market.




Gamify project

The project aims at developing innovative methodology of teaching entrepreneurship with the use of gamification that will be used in vocational education.





EntrInno addresses the demands of revisiting the notions of entrepreneurship and innovation, as the driving forces of a new EU culture that will be sustainably developed financially and socially and enhance users’ aptitudes for new socio-economic initiatives and interventions.